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Detria Relaxant®



Detria Relaxant® product line was developed for the body’s well-being, and especially for leg and muscle maintenance. Active ingredients in Relaxant® products are herbs known from national healing tradition as well as peat and pitch.


For the massage of strained, aching muscles. Can be also used against neck and shoulder pains. Accelerates blood circulation in applied area. 100 ml and 200 ml sizes.


Condition and relaxes cold, tired, swollen and sore feet. Gives relief to foot cramps, vein problems and aches, accelerates metabolism and warms the feet. 100 ml and 200 ml sizes.


Nature’s own treatment cream for small skin bruises and rashes. Preservative-free.


Detria Relaxant Resin Oil is excellent for insect bites, abrasions, toe eczema and other minor skin damages.



Neck and shoulder pain

Relaxant Muscle Reliever is the savior for person suffering from neck and shoulder pain. Neck and shoulder pain are common inconveniences that usually are caused by poor work ergonomy, physical muscle strain or some kind of injury. What is common for these, is the tight muscles and pain. Relaxant Muscle Reliever boosts blood circulation which opens sore muscles. Salicylates from the Muscle Reliever reliefs pain efficiently.

Muscle cramps

Muscle cramps in the lower limps usually afflict at night. Hard strain can expose to muscles to cramps and with age the possibility of muscle cramps also increases. Use Relaxant Muscle Resliever before going to bed to prevent cramps from disturbing your good night’s sleep.

Relaxant in feet care

Relaxant Foot Cream is a warming aid for cold feet. Feet may feel cold when the blood flow to the feet is less than normal. This may be caused for example by cold exposure or smoking (narrowing of the surface blood vessels). Relaxant Foot Cream increases the blood flow to the veins and activates the surface blood vessels and in this way fading the feeling of cold. Relaxant Foot Cream can also be applied in the winter for preventive foot care about. 30 min before outdoor activities.


Varicose veins

Relaxant Foot Cream is a quick relief for someone suffering from varicose veins. As much as half of the grown ups have varicose veins. Varicose veins may be caused by obesity, pregnancy or not enough exercise.  Varicose veins typically appear in superficial veins which become enlarged and twisted. Varicose veins can cause feeling of pressure, pain and swollen the feet. Relaxant Foot Cream activates blood circulation in veins which eases these symptoms.


Swollen feet

Relaxant Foot Cream is effective help for swollen feet. Swollen feet usually occur when veins in the feet doesn’t work as they should. Relaxant Foot Cream supports the blood circulation which reduces the swelling.


Diabetics feet

Relaxant Foot Cream is an excellent product for diabetic feet. A diabetic foot needs special attention and care because impaired blood flow and vulnerability to infections can cause various foot problems. Relaxant Foot Cream is an ointment that improves venous circulation and helps to reduce blood circulation problems. Relaxant Foot Cream is also mildly antiseptic, so it reduces risk of foot infections in regular use.

Diabetic feet are recommended for daily washing and greasing. Relaxant Foot Cream is a skin care and moisturizing cream that absorbs well.


Air traveler

Relaxant Foot Cream is the exact help for air traveler. Air travel causes many kinds of pain in the legs, such as swelling, soreness and tiredness. Relaxant Foot Cream accelerates the function of the veins which helps with these problems. Relaxant Foot Cream should be applied to the calves and feet before the flight and, if necessary, during the flight.


Dry feet

Relaxant Foot Cream has a lot of special features but it can also be used as an ordinary foot cream. The skin of dry feet can flake or even crack up to the dermis. Simple treatment for this is daily greasing. Relaxant Foot Cream is greasy enough to moist even the dryiest of legs. Relaxant Foot Cream is advised to spread in a circular motion so that it absorbs faster. You can increase the effectiveness of Relaxant Foot Cream by putting on thin cotton socks after greasing.

Contusion and shin splints


Relaxant Muscle Reliever is an effective aid to the contusion. A contusion occurs when there is a hard blow to the large muscles of the thighs, whereby blood can be released between them. The leg will then feel hard and it will be difficult to hook it up. Salicylates in Relaxant Muscle Reliever relieve pain in the contusion. It usually takes a week to heal, but it can sometimes last, even close to a month. Relaxant Muscle Reliever has been found to speed up the healing of the contusion.

Relaxant Muscle Reliever is used locally to treat the contusion by rubbing the ointment into the painful area. Muscle Reliever increases blood circulation in the area, which stimulates stuck muscle and relieves pain.


Shin splints also known as medial tibial stress syndrome

Relaxant Muscle Reliever is an excellent aid to the symptoms of shin splints. Shin splints is a common name for shin pain caused by various reasons. Usually it feels like a painful feeling at the front of the leg. The reason may be a shin bones reaction to excessive strain. Although the pain feels superficial, the cause of it can also be rooted in deep muscles. This is because the membranes surrounding the muscle groups do not flex at the required rate for muscle growth. Salicylates contained in the Relaxant Muscle Reliever relieve pain and treat inflammation. Shin splints is usually a discomfort for young people but it also occurs in adults.

Shin splints should be treated primarily with rest. At rest, symptoms can be relieved by the regular use of Relaxant Muscle Reliever. Relaxant Foot Cream can be used to prevent shin splints.

Growing pain

Relaxant Muscle Reliever is an incomparable aid for a child suffering from growing pains. Growing pain refers to the normal growth associated pain in the limbs. Usually pain is in both limbs at the same time. Growing pains end before puberty for majority of those suffering from them. Salicylates in Relaxant Muscle Reliever with parent massaging are together really affective help for the growing pains. Heat also contributes to the growing pains and Relaxant Muscle Reliever increases blood circulation locally, which heats up the aching limps.


Growing pains are usually at their worst in the evenings when the child should get to sleep. That’s why it is advisable to use Relaxant Muscle Reliever daily before going to bed. Doing so also avoids that the child wakes up during the night because of growing pains. A good night’s sleep is important for a child’s growth and also ensures a more refined mind for the upcoming school day.


Relaxant Muscle Reliever can be used as a massage cream. In professional use Relaxant Muscle Reliever is rubbed into the sore muscle first, allowing the active ingredients of the product to be absorbed. After a massage of about 10 minutes, massage can be continued with regular massage oil.

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Common Yarrow



Relaxant Muscle Reliever

Ingredients: Aqua, Peat Extract, Brassica Oleifeira, Filipendula Ulmaria, Juniperus Communis, Angelica Archangelica, Petrolatum, Glyseryl Stearate, Propylene Glycol, Cetyl Alcohol, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Ethylparaben.

Relaxant Foot Cream

Ingredients: Aqua, Peat Extract, Brassica Oleifeira, Achillea Millefolium, Petrolatum. Glyseryl Stearate, Propylene Glycol, Cetyl Alcohol, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Ethylparaben.

Relaxant Resin Salve 30%

Ingredients: Brassica Oleifera Oil, Pinus Sylvestris Leaf Extract, Cera Flava.

Relaxant Resin Oil 10%

Ingredients: Brassica Oleifera Oil, Pinus Sylvestris Leaf Extract.



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