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Juniper (Juniperus communis) in the form of tar and pitch used to be a common remedy for various skin conditions and cleaning wounds. The berries were used for kidney, bladder and urinary tract infections, and to ease aches and muscle cramps. A drug made from the leaves cleanses the blood.

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Juniperus Communis
Cupressaceae family (Cypress family)

Juniper is a common shrub or a short tree in the moor-lands, cliffs, grasslands, and other sunny places throughout Finland.

Despite its name, juniper berry is not a berry, but a cone with succulent scales.

Medicinal Herb Use

The essential oil included in juniper berries increases perspiration and urination. Berries are used for increasing urination, for minor kidney, bladder and urinary infections, for alleviation of pains and muscle cramps, and also for treatment of poor appetite. Juniper conditions the bowels and cures inflammations. Its needles have been used as a medicinal herb for blood purification and berries for gestosis.

Juniper oil distilled from berries, twigs and wood chips stimulates surface blood circulation. It is used, for example, in creams and bath oils for treatment ofrheumatic pains and muscle aches.

In a bath, juniper promotes recovery after physical strain and alleviates edemaby removing fluids. Juniper bath can also be used to support loss of weight.

Due to their antiseptic properties, juniper resin and tar have been used forcleaning and treatment of wounds and for various skin disorders.

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